Machine Theory: Chris Chandler

11 May - 17 June 2023

Machine Theory focuses on the study of relative motion between numerous machine components and the forces that act on them. Chandler adopts elements of this theory with his large-scale printworks, working in modes of deconstruction and reconstruction with modular type and letterpress printmaking.

Machine Theory pays homage to the tools Chandler uses in his practice, namely, a Vandercook 232P letterpress machine, Alpha-Blox, and Futura Schmuck woodcut fonts. Chandler and his father describe his artmaking practice as “Art-Mechanica”, a nod to his beloved letterpress machine and inspiration for the exhibition’s title, Machine Theory. As Chandler puts it “using the mechanics of ‘the machine’ to guide the process of the print.”

Chandler’s printworks communicate an admiration for the Bauhaus and Constructivist movements, and a fondness for the origins of graphic design and typography.


Chandler’s sizable works are the product of a deep understanding and appreciation of the tools used in his studio. They reveal Chandler’s intimate connection with letterpress tools of old, and his experimentation with layers of predominantly neutral and primary colors, bold repetitive patterns, and constructing and deconstructing the modular letterpress type.


The large-scale and unique pieces that comprise Machine Theory celebrate abstractions of simple alphabetic forms, minor tears and blemishes created by Chandler’s touch, and creases from wheat pasting; a practice carried on from his career as a tour manager in the music industry.