fem.: Heather Benjamin | Christina Allan | Kelly Shami

18 June - 30 July 2022

Titled Fem., this revelatory group exhibition showcases the three artists’ distinct, yet complementary artistic styles: each canvas bearing its own unique, striking subject created with layers of paint and symbolism - bright, bold palettes of color that provide a visceral allure, while offering a glimpse into the various life experiences of each of these incredible artists.

Alchemy Gallery is thrilled to present fem., a group exhibition featuring the work of

Heather Benjamin, Christina Allan and Kelly Shami. fem. challenges traditional notions of femininity and portraiture with a psychedelic selection of works by these female-identifying artists. Whether considering Benjamin's punk-rock goddesses, Shami's pierced florals or Allan's hallucinogenic Grim Reapers - each artist in this exhibition depicts the richness of her inner life using symbols, avatars, and altar-egos. Combining the influences of digital culture and ancient mythology, the portraits in "fem" do not seek to mask feminine identity - rather, they give physical form to the psychological complexities of the female experience today.